In The Kitchen
Trattoria Da Danilo"'s specialities range from meat to fish, from seasonal menus (dedicated to red radicchio chicory, asparagus or mushrooms) to traditional dishes of the "Veneto" area.

Other house specialities:"baccalà" (cod), "anguilla in umido" (eel in the sauce), fried fisch from the laguna, tipical disches from "Veneto" area(bigoi in salsa).
Our recipe: "sopa coada"
Plunk, clean and boil some medium aged pigeons with carrots and celery.
Once they cooled down, strip their meat from the bones and keep it apart.
Filter the cooking soup in order to remove possible little bones, then add to it minced beef meat and enough salt and pepper.
Lay in an oven-resistant pan fresh bread slices (1cm. thick) and soak them with the soup (called "montasu" or "montassù").
Put the pigeon meat on them and grate some parmesan cheese all over.
Cover the pigeon with a second layer of bread and "Montasu", add again the pigeon pieces and the parmesan.
End with a third layer of bread topped by some grated parmesan.
Put everything in a low heated oven and keep it for about 2 hours.
Pour every now and then some soup on the "sopa" so that it does not burn.
When the cooking time is over - the upper crust should be brownish and a little hard - reverse the pan on a tray and serve very hot.
Serve apart more hot soup and pour it on each "sopa coada" dish.
Our Wines
White wines from the following labels:Vigne Venete, S. Osvaldo, Carmina, Friuli Pittaro, Filiputti, Fellunga, Conchi y Toro.

Red and rose' wines: Venegazzù, S. Osvaldo, Vigne Venete, Angelo Pittaro, Borgo delle Rose, Filiputti, Conchi y Toro.

Dessert wines: S. Osvaldo. Pavesev Prago, Pantelleria Colosi, Deorà.

Italian champagnes: Carmina, Franciacorta.

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